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Natural Structural Windows

High-quality tree species are selected as the basic materials for our windows, being produced with advanced manufacturing techniques, the window presents excellent sealing, sound insulation and thermal insulation performance, which is fully in line with the future environmental protection and energy saving requirements.

By adopting high-quality hardware and anti-theft lock system, the window is equipped with beautiful appearance, strong bearing capacity, anti-theft security and multi-point locking features, it is also outstanding in smooth opening and long-term use without deformation. To meet different customer demands, we provide various opening methods including hinge-opening, tilting, sliding and folding, etc. 

The Exclusive Characteristics of our Structural Wood Window:   

We choose structural grade #1 for achieving high strength & suitable for high temperature and moisture environment. 
(Traditional Way: using normal lamination glue, with low strength and without waterproof function.)

Machinery Stress Rated           
By machinery stress rated, our laminates generate high anti-bending and anti-shear strength    
(Traditional Way: free lamination with low strength.)

We use radiation-proof glasses with argon gas between glasses (thickness over 36mm), which can keep temperature and save energy and prevent UV radiation. 
(Traditional Way: Ordinary hollow glass with poor temperature-holding performance, It couldn’t prevent UV radiation.) 

Preservative Treated
Pressure treated SYP could be suitable for termite environment under tropical and subtropical area.   
(Traditional Way: No any preservation treatment on laminates, easy to be eroded by termite and other insects) 

Unique Lunette   
Our laminates are combined paralelly and lengthways, component is shaped integrally with high structural strength and wonderful looking.
(Traditional Way: combined with segmented pieces, poor structural strength and appearance.) 

Structural WRC  
Naturally preservative, delicate texture, suitable for termite environment such as tropical and subtropical area.



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