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Pre-fabricated Post & Beam House System

Our Prefab mass timber structure house system consists of a load-bearing structural system of beams, panels and columns along with metal fasteners. Rock wool is used in exterior walls for heat and noise insulation. The siding is made of high-temperature heat treated timber and asphalt tile is used for the roof. The second floor slab is composed of I-beam (glulam dimension stock) with rock wool embedded in it. The paved floor features include waterproof, zero-formaldehyde, high-strength structure, and large size. The interior walls are coated with transparent water-based paint.

Two types of high-quality window & door systems are offered: solid wood window or PVC-steel window. The solid wood window is made of 3-layer anti-radiation glass which makes the room warm in winter and cool in summer. The window sealing strip (aviation quality level) rates high in air tightness, heat and sound insulation. The window frame is jointed with primary structural adhesive which is waterproof, free of formaldehyde and has high structural strength. The frame is coated with waterborne paint also free of formaldehyde.

Our mass timber structure has 4 major characteristics: 
1.High seismic performance, stable structure; 
2. Good flame retardant, heat and sound insulation. 
Because of the rock wool insulation in the external wall and the frame on second floor; 
3. High environmental protection performance. 
Because we use water-based paint for interior walls, windows and doors that is free of heavy metals and volatile toxic substances;
4.Clean smell, suitable for family living by the feel of nature, peace and intimation.



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