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Two Domentional Beam

Two-dimensional Glulam Beam is a structural beam formed by laminate extrusion along the longitudinal direction of laminates in a certain radian.

Two-dimensional Glulam Beam is more aesthetic than linear glulam beam. The laminates are arranged longitudinally regular and parallel. They run in a curved shape or in a single arch resembling a waterfall with multiple continuous streams.

Considering that the inner size of a container is 11,850 mm long, 2,350 mm wide and 2500 mm high, the reference specification we provide is usually 11,500 mm in length and the height is controlled within 2300mm. Those two-dimensional glulam beams beyond container inner size can be handled in bulk.

Our two-dimensional glulam beams can be divided into two categories: pressure treated preservative and non pressure treated preservative. Pressure treated preservative beam is suitable for outdoor use, while the latter one is suitable for indoor use.

It is everyone's responsibility to make use of sustainable forest resources, fully improve the utilization rate of wood and to protect the environment and non-renewable resources.
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Custom design service is available and processing can be done in compliance with the codes of client’s Country.



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