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Floating Pier

1.Our prefab Floating Pier is composed of floating tanks, main frame (material types: steel, aluminum alloy, preservative pressure treated timber), floor pavement (composite decking or preservative pressure treated timber), protective beam, fender and accessory structure. 

2. Steel structure Frame: U-steel and angle steel in national standard quality are used for welding frame and then the frame is hot-dip galvanized as a whole piece. 
Aluminum alloy structure Frame: made of alumina. 
Preservative timber structure Frame: We use American Southern Yellow Pine to make the timber frame structure. It is treated through vacuum pressure and preservation and then structural hardware and stainless steel bolts are used for connection.

3.Each structural unit is10 meters in length. Additional units are connected together using stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized connectors.

4.The casing of the floating tank is made of virgin HDPE. The tank is formed integrally with no gaps and then installed at the bottom of the main structure frame.

5.Floor Pavement: Preservative treated timber or composite decking are used for our floor pavement and installed on the main structure frame. All four ends of the floating pier are protected by square-edged preservative timber. Both of the long sides of the floating pier are covered by rubber and other flexible materials as Fenders.

6. Bollard: 316 stainless steel bollard.

7. Fixation system of floating pier: According to customer’s demand, we have three options of fixation systems: Anchor chain, Tension spring or Traditional pile.

8. Transport is easy and economical by container and each structural unit comes ready-to-install on site.



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