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Modular House

Our Free Combination Wood Modular House is meticulously designed by our professional team. The load-bearing system of each modular unit is composed of a pressure treated glulam post and beam structural system. The enclosure structure is made of light frame wall system (I-beam light frame structure) making the modular unit’s structural system safe and reliable. The house system is excellent in flame retardation (filled with high-density rock wool), fire resistance, heat insulation, seismic resistance, anti-seismic performance, preservation and mildew resistance. These are all better than traditional wood structure or light-steel structure.

Protecting non-renewable resources is the mission of our generation, and our green modular housing system is based on sustainable forest resources - wood, which can replace traditional light-steel structure now and in the future. The natural wood texture and natural color of our large size structural beams, posts, interior decoration boards and the heated treated sidings of exterior walls bring infinite intimate feeling to our household life.

Besides a basic prefabricated building, our wood modular house expands the concept of modern prefab building by equipping all the home amenities and installing them all before loading. So the only thing for users to start is to connect the inlets and outlets of plumbing and electricity.

China's advantage in complete industry chain of building materials provides guarantee for the realization of this great idea. Users are free to choose either single-family houses or large-space houses with different combinations. Home use or commercial use, our free combination wood modular house can bring you infinite imaginations and wonderful experience whatever you use it for.



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