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Thermal Modified Timber

Intensive high-temperature timber treatment technology is one that adopts a simple physical method to conduct ultra-high temperature treatment in the selected medium to change its biological structure, chemical composition and basic properties. We use water vapor as the conducting medium. The temperature range is 150-240℃ and the treatment duration is 36 hours per cycle.

After the wood is heated in the ultra-high temperature medium, low molecular volatile is removed, hemicellulose is degraded, the amorphous area is reduced, and the crystallinity is increased. Furthermore, the difference in the chord and radial shrinkage rate of the wood decreases, the residual stress is released, and the dimensional stability of the wood is improved.

Another benefit of the ultra-high temperature treatment is that the lignin content in the wood is changed along with lignin oxidation reaction resulting in different tonal colors under different heat treatment conditions. The color inside and outside the timber shows the same uniform and stable coloring with a sense of warmth and preciousness.

In addition, the biodurability of the high-temperature heat treated timber is significantly improved. When the treatment temperature reaches 210℃ or higher, the biological structure and chemical composition of timber will change, removing or destroying the conditions required for the survival of bacteria, insects and a variety of natural microorganisms, so as to improve the biological durability of treated timber.

Possessing the characteristics of dimensional stability, uniform color, comfortable feeling and biological durability of high-temperature heat-treated timber, our heat-treated timber products are recommended as exterior wall sidings, indoor sauna board and indoor/outdoor sound insulation board. The heat treated timber can also be used for courtyard landscape and window materials.

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