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Siding Wall & Interior V-Plank

Siding Wall
Our company adopts the technique of ultra-high temperature unsaturated steam treatment to treat timbers at a temperature between 170℃ and 250°C. 

Timber mainly consists of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. In the condition of ultra high temperature, cellulose and hemicellulose are degraded. The reduction of hydrophilic substances reduces the swelling and shrinkage proportion of timber making the timber good for water resistance as exterior wall sidings. Also, since the lignin is increased significantly in high temperature condition, the colored hydroxyl groups in the lignin change color gradually, darkening along with the change of lignin content, and finally show as an uniform, saturated and warm color. 

High-temperature heat treated exterior wall siding is another one of our innovations. The wall sidings in brown tint color always bring people pure and fresh feeling especially after a rain. There are many challenges in our life, but such natural wall sidings bring us an intimate and comfortable feeling for the building, and to some extent it releases our pressure and we can bravely face challenges every day.

Ceiling and Interior Wall
Cedar V-Plank
Natural ability to resist bugs and insects
Eye catching appearance and color that adds value and gives properties curb appeal
Yellow color
Can be used on ceiling or wall
Comfortable and inviting warm design with edge-v pattern
Create horizontal, vertical, diagonal or chevron pattern



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